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Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

The B1 visa and B2 visa are temporary, non-immigrant visas that allow the holder to travel to the United States for either business or tourism purposes. Want more information on how to apply? Boundless + RapidVisa can help!

Almost all reasons for temporary travel are covered by B visas except student travel, which is covered under F-1 visas.

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B-1/B-2 Visa Requirements

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The B1/B2 visa covers a variety of reasons for travel to the United States that includes both business and tourism/non-business purposes.

Reasons for travel under a B1 visa include:

  • Conducting business, such as negotiating a contract or attending business meetings
  • Attending a conference relevant to a profession, education, or current business endeavor
  • Settling an estate

Reasons for travel under a B2 visa include:

  • Engaging in tourist activities or take a vacation
  • Visiting family
  • Receiving medical treatment
  • Attending or taking part in events, such as concerts or classes, as long as there is no payment or credit given to the attendee
  • Taking a short recreational study course, such as a cooking class

You cannot travel under this visa to engage any of the following:

  • Study
  • Long-term employment by a U.S. firm
  • Paid performances, or any professional performance before a paying audience
  • Arrival as a crewmember on a ship or aircraft
  • Work as foreign press, in radio, film, print journalism, or other information media
  • Permanent residence in the United States

A B1 visa and B2 visa do not grant permanent resident status — they are temporary visas – but the holder can apply for a green card. The maximum amount of time issued for B visas is 180 days.

These visas allow for multiple entries into the United States.

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